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Documents and Resources for Olive & Coop Users

Home Sharing Agreement

A Home Sharing Agreement is a document that outlines the terms and conditions for individuals who are sharing a home together. It typically includes details such as the duration of the agreement, rental fees, responsibilities of each party, house rules, and procedures for termination. This agreement serves to establish clear expectations and guidelines for home sharing, ensuring a harmonious living arrangement.

Harmonious Living Arrangement Tool

Our Harmonious Living Arrangement Tool helps match compatible personalities for shared living spaces. By answering questions about ideal living situations, conflict resolution styles, cleanliness preferences, comfort levels with sharing common spaces, and communication preferences, home sharers can find like-minded roommates. Whether you prefer a quiet, tidy environment or a lively, social atmosphere, our tool ensures a harmonious living experience tailored to your personality and preferences.

Home Sharing Application

For perspective renters, our Home Sharing Application collects basic demographic information, current employment history, and contact details for references. Home Owners should use the information from the Home Sharing Application to screen potential housemates.


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